Character Creation

Character Creation Changes

  1. Players may raise any of their character’s abilities to five without spending bonus points.

  2. Players receive four specialties to distribute amongst their character’s abilities.

  3. Virtues may be purchased for 1 bonus point each. However, Willpower is calculated independently of Virtues.

  4. Characters begin with Willpower rated at 5. Willpower may be increased at a cost of 1 bonus point.

  5. Characters may start with (Willpower + Compassion) Intimacies without spending bonus points.

  6. When selecting Charms, players no longer need to choose at least five Charms from Caste or Favored abilities. The character may start with any ten Charms she meets the prerequisites for.

  7. Charms cost 4 bonus points, 3 if within a Caste or Favored Ability.

  8. Players receive 18 bonus points at character creation.

Character Creation Bonus Pack

  1. All characters begin with the ability to speak Riverspeak in addition to their chosen languages.

  2. All characters begin with a free point in Resources

  3. All characters begin with 1 dot in the Legendary background (see below description). This extra dot will relate to the story and what, exactly, your reputation is will be discussed with the storyteller.

Other Rules

  1. Upgrading Combos: New Charms may be added to existing Combos by paying the usual experience point cost to place the Charm(s) in a Combo, plus a one experience point surcharge for modifying the Combo. This applies to all beings capable of creating Combos, not just Solar Exalted.

  2. Prerequisite Charms: If you feel that a prerequisite charm is going to be useless to your character discuss it with the ST and we may substitute a charm for it or work around it somehow.

  3. Excellencies: Excellencies are no longer a prerequisite for any Ability or Attribute Charm. In addition, characters begin with one Excellency in each of their Caste abilities (or, for Lunars, Caste attributes). You may pick which Excellency (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) you wish to apply. This costs no bonus points.

  4. Ox-Body Technique: Exalted characters get a free level of Ox-Body Technique for each dot they have in Essence. Keep in mind that your Ox Body charms cannot exceed your rating in Stamina.

New Background: Legendary
Fame is a double-edged sword. Your character is known for something they have done, a skill they possess, or for some other reason. She is known throughout a specific locale for what she’s done. This could be a beneficial thing (+1 per point to all rolls in which people in the region view the thing you are famous for positively) or it could be a big problem (-1 per point to all rolls in which people in the region view it negatively). Having a high Fame rating can also make it more difficult for you to be circumspect or move about unnoticed. The ratings in this background are as follows:

• = Town or village
•• = City
••• = Region
•••• = Direction
••••• = Creation

Modified Background: Familiar (wip)
• The animal is mostly cosmetic and provides little or no real mechanical advantage. (Essence 1)
•• The animal is useful for land travel, spying, or combat. The animal follows basic commands. (Essence 1)
••• In addition to the capabilities of a 2-dot Familiar, the animal is capable of one exotic feat, such as acting as a flying mount, human intelligence, the ability to communicate with others, or is a savage combatant. (Essence 2)
•••• The animal most certainly possesses an awakened essence. Treat as 3-dots, except the animal possesses a single spirit Charm of the player’s choosing, and can learn more later with experience and training Charms. Alternatively, the familiar is particularly adept at a relatively focus such as creating potent medicines or poisons, tearing down structures, or combat. (Essence 2)
••••• Your familiar is a creature of legend. It has three spirit charms and is certainly of human intelligence, at minimum. You may also up your pet’s abilities with XP. (Essence 3)

Character Creation

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